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The Africa Sports and Entertainment Summit, now in its second year, continues to play a crucial role in

unlocking the potential of the sports and entertainment industries in Africa. By engaging with various

stakeholders across key markets and properties, the summit aims to drive the realisation of

opportunities in these sectors to their fullest extent.

With a population of 1.2 billion people, Africa boasts a significant market for sports and entertainment.

It is noteworthy that 690 million individuals on the continent have access to smartphones, enabling

widespread connectivity and access to digital content. Moreover, Africa stands out as the continent

with the highest concentration of youth populations globally, with approximately 200 million people

aged between 15 and 24 years.

Recognising the immense growth potential, global platforms in sports and entertainment have made

their way into Africa, seeking to tap into this burgeoning market. Properties such as the FIFA World

Cup, NBA, Netflix, Disney, ESPN, and European Football have witnessed remarkable growth in the

African market. The positive response from African audiences has encouraged further interest, and it

is anticipated that more platforms will launch in the near future, catering to the diverse interests and

preferences of the African audience.

The Africa Sports and Entertainment Summit serves as a critical platform for fostering collaboration,

sharing insights, and exploring opportunities in the business of sport and entertainment in Africa. By

bringing together industry experts, professionals, and key stakeholders, the summit aims to drive the

growth of these sectors on the African continent. With the success of the inaugural summit, the

second year's event promises to build upon this momentum, offering even greater value and

prospects for all involved.


As Africa's sports and entertainment industries continue to evolve and expand, the Africa Sports and

Entertainment Summit remains at the forefront of promoting innovation, investment, and

development in these sectors. By leveraging the immense youth population, increasing smartphone

penetration, and the growing interest of global platforms, the summit is committed to unlocking the

true potential of the African market and establishing it as a prominent player in the global sports and

entertainment landscape.

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